As everybody knows vegetables plays an important role in preparing dishes.  They are used in our kitchen in various forms.  They are the source of vitamins, minerals, salts, amino acids, fibre etc.,  They are used in sambar, pulav, bisibelebath, curries, palya, salads etc.,  All vegetables have typical flavour and taste.  Some vegetables are not liked due to their smell and taste.  But today’s dish is an exception to it.

Today I am showing you a yummy and nutritious chutney using various vegetables.  This is very good idea to make children consume vegetables.

I have used carrot, radish, cabbage, capsicum.,   You can add various vegetables as per your choice.

Ingredients :

Vegetables grated

Radish, carrot, cabbage, capsicum            2 cups

Green Chillies                                               4-5

Red chillies                                                    3-4

Ginger                                                            ½ inch

Tamarind                                                       ½ lemon size

Grated coconut                                             ½ cup

Fried gram                                                    1 tbsp

Curry leaves                                                 4-5 strands

Coriander leaves                                          one fistful

Mustard seeds                                              ¼ tsp

Oil                                                                   1 tsp

Salt to taste


Method :

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

Take a pan put ½ tsp oil and fry all grated vegetables for 4-5 mins.

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

You can see the water content is dried.  Allow to cool.

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

Take a mixie jar put fried vegetables, ginger, tamarind, grated coconut, green chillies, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt and grind it.

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

When chutney is coarsely ground add fried gram and run for 2-3 mins to make chutney.

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

In the same pan put ½ tsp oil and when it is hot add mustard seeds to splutter.

Bittergourd/Hagalkai Chutney

Mix this to chutney and serve.

Vegetable Chutney-Tarakari Chutney

You can have Vegetable Chutney with chapatti, dosa, jowar roti, hot rice etc.,


Tips :

Vegetables can be added as per your choice.  If you add beetroot chutney will come out little reddish.  This chutney can be stored for a day in refrigerator.  Better to prepare fresh always.  Chillies can be added more, if you want spicy chutney.



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