Chutney is South Asian Cuisine prepared from various mixture of spices, vegetables or fruits. It can be wet to dry, coarse to fine. It is combined with a wide range of food.

Chutney is prepared in many varieties.

There are vegetables where it is used wholly. Out of that Ridge Gourd/Heerekai is also one of them. Usually Ridge Gourd/Heerekai outer skin is peeled off while preparing dhal, sambar, bonda, bajji etc., Most of them throw away the peel. People do know what can be prepared from the peel. Yes, you can prepare yummy chutney out of its peel instead of wasting it.

Let us see how to prepare Ridge Gourd/Heerekai Peel Chutney which is very easy to prepare and taste is outstanding. Its really tongue licking chutney. It goes well with hot rice with a dash of ghee, chapatti, dosa etc.,