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Dal/Bele is dried split pulse which is used in Indian food. It can be cooked without soaking

Pulses are important staple food in Asian countries.  India is largest producer of pulses.  It contains protein, carbohydrates, fat.

Dal and its preparation are consumed along with rice, chapati.  Usually sambar/saaru prepared using dal is common in South India. Dals are eaten as a snack by frying and salting.  Some are soaked, grounded and fried in many combinations.



Kashaya is a healthy drink commonly consumed by all.  It is common drink in North Karnataka, especially Udupi-Mangalore.

It acts as good medicine for cold and cough too.  You can avoid tea or coffee once in a day and have this drink regularly.

The following recipe shows the minimum ingredients required for Kashaya.  We can add Nutmeg, Jeshta Madhu and Ashwagandha too.



Doddapatre Tambuli

Doddapatre Tambuli

Doddapatre (Coleus Aromaticus)

Doddapatre or Sambara balli is a small herb. It is used as home remedy for cold and cough. Slightly heat 2 to 3 leaves and squeeze out the juice. Mix this juice with salt or honey. It can be consumed for 2 to 4 times a day.

It is Karnataka special and one of the traditional recipe of South Canara. Tambuli keeps body cool. Usually tambuli is served as a starter for lunch or dinner. It goes well with hot cooked rice. It helps in digestion. It is also called “pittha hara” in Ayurveda. It is considered also as a side dish along with lunch or dinner.