Stuffed Capsicum

Rice is staple food of South India. Many rice dishes are prepared in varieties. Rice has its own taste. So are Basmati, Jeera Rice and so on

Thought of preparing rice in a different way which is easy, tasty and children would love to eat easily and of course very tempting.

Today I have prepared out of regular rice you can use Basmati Rice or Jeera Rice it gives special aroma.

Ingredients :

Capsicum (small size)                  8-10

Rice                                                    2 cups

Onion                                                 2 nos

Jeera                                                   1 tbsp

Green chillies                                  6-7 nos

Grated fresh coconut                   ½ cup

Ginger                                                ½ “

Curry leaves                                    1-2 strands

Coriander leaves                           one fist full

Oil                                                        5-6 tbsp

Salt to taste

Method :

Wash capsicum. Remove top portion and scoop out the seeds and empty it.

Stuffed Capsicum

Take 4-5 tsp oil in a pan.

Stuffed Capsicum

When oil is little hot add capsicum and fry in low-medium heat. Take care while frying, as capsicums are tend to break open. It should be fried evenly.

Stuffed Capsicum

Remove fried capsicum in a plate and keep aside.

Stuffed Capsicum

In the same pan put 2 tbsp oil, jeera, slit green chillies and cut onion pieces and saute for 2-3 mins.

Stuffed Capsicum

Grind ginger and grated coconut without water.

Add the grounded mixture into the pan and mix well.

Stuffed Capsicum

Add washed rice into it and fry to 2 mins.

Stuffed Capsicum

Add salt to taste and add 1 ½ cup water and cook for about 4-5 mins.

Stuffed Capsicum

Stuffed Capsicum

When it is ¾ done fill to fried capsicum.

Stuffed Capsicum

Make a bed of remaining rice and place the filled capsicum. Spread finely chopped curry and coriander leaves and close the lid.

Stuffed Capsicum

Cook in very low heat. No need to mix often. It should be cooked under pressure.

Stuffed Capsicum

It may take about 8-10 mins depending upon the quantity.

Stuffed Capsicum

Now Stuffed Capsicum is ready to serve.

Stuffed Capsicum 

Tips :

You can use Basmati Rice or Jeera rice as per your taste. If using Jeera Rice add little less salt.

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