As the name says, Mangalore Buns, is popular in Udupi/Mangalore either as breakfast or teatime snack.  Buns are soft, fluffy, sweet puris made using bananas.  So they are also called Banana Pooris.  As it is little sweetish, it is consumed with spicy item like chutney, sambar, pickle.

Traditionally Buns are prepared using Maida/APF but I have shown you the recipe with Atta/Godhi Hittu

Ingredients :

Atta / Godhi Hittu            1 cup
Jeera                                   1/4 tsp
Sugar                                  2 tsp
Sweet Banana (ripened)  2 nos.
Curds                                  2 tsp
Baking Soda                       1/4 tsp (optional – i have not used)
Salt to Taste
Oil for frying

Method :

In a bowl take ripened banana and sugar mash it.  Add Atta/Godhi Hittu, jeera, baking soda – (optional), curds, salt to taste and mix well.  If necessary add little water to make a tight dough.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris

Cover the dough with wet cloth or in an air tight container and keep aside for 4-5 hrs to ferment.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
After 4-5 hrs gentlly knead the dough and cut into small balls to make pooris.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
Keep oil in a pan for heat.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
With the help of a rolling pin make pooris.  It should be thicker than regular pooris.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
Deep fry in hot oil.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
Turn the Mangalore Buns/sweet puri to equally cook on both sides.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
Remove from oil.

Now Mangalore Buns are ready to eat. Serve with Coconut Chutney, Sambar, pickle.

Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris
Mangalore Buns/Sweet Pooris tastes when cooled also.  You can consume along with milk.

Tips :

You can add a pinch of cooking soda while mixing to a dough.  I have not used. You can mix the dough at night and keep in the fridge overnight and remove it in the morning for 3-4hrs OR prepare dough in the morning and make Buns in the evening tea time/snack time.

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