Kunda/Belagaavi Kunda is a popular sweet dish of Belgaum, North Karnataka.  It is prepared by boiling and curdling of milk along with caramelized sugar.

Belgaum Kunda/Belagaavi Kunda is prepared with very less ingredients and it takes time to process but tasty. All worth it when tasted. 

Here goes the procedure.

Ingredients :

Milk2 ltrs
Sugar½ to ¾ cup (as per your taste)                                              
Curds¼ cup
Elaichi¼ tsp

Method :

Take a pan/kadai put milk into it.

Boil the milk in high medium flame.  Keep stirring the milk.

When the milk starts boiling gradually you can see layer of cream and milk solids collecting on the sides.

Scrape the milk solids from the sides and the cream collected on the top and add it to the mixture until milk reduces to half or more.

Add ¼ cup curds and mix.

Keep boiling.  Milk curdles.

Keep boiling the curdled milk till the water content(whey) starts evaporating.

In another pan put sugar for caramelizing. DO NOT ADD WATER.

Keep stirring, sugar starts caramelizing.

By this time whey evaporates from the curdled milk.

Slowly pour caramelized sugar to the curdled milk and mix well.

Keep stirring without leaving, till the mixture thickens.  You can see the golden colour of the mixture.

When 90% of the liquid is evaporated add elaichi powder and mix.  Don’t cook till it is too dry because the mixture thickens when it is cooled.

Switch off the flame and cool it a while.

Belgaum Kunda is ready to serve.

It can be prepared for festivals, marriages or anytime when you feel like eating.

Tips :

Use thick bottomed pan or nonstick pan to avoid burning at the bottom.  You can add cashew and raisins fried in ghee and add to Kunda, it is optional.  Do not refrigerate Kunda.  At any point of time water is not added to Kunda.  If you are fitness freak use brown sugar instead of white sugar.

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