Kadi is a famous Gujarati recipe prepared from gram flour/chickpea flour and curds/buttermilk.  It is also prepared by adding pakoras.  But today I am showing plain Kadi recipe preparation.  Kadi is prepared in different region in their own style.  Gujarati Kadi is lighter than any other region Kadi.

Gujarati Kadi tastes heavenly, simple, healthy liked by everyone moreover easy to prepare.  It is consumed along with hot rice, phulkas, chapati, roti, poori etc.,  Also served as soup to sip as it is.


Ingredients :


Gram Flour                                                             2 tbsp

Ginger – grated                                                     1 inch

Curds                                                                         2 cups

Chilli powder                                                         ¾ tsp

Sugar/jaggery                                                       1tsp

Coriander leaves                                                 one fist full

Green Chillies  (optional)                              3-4 finely chopped


For tempering:

Mustard                                                                   1 tsp

Jeera                                                                           ¾ tsp

Methi seeds                                                            ½ tsp

Red Chilli                                                                 2 nos.

Hing                                                                           one pinch

Curry leaves                                                          1strand

Oil /ghee                                                                   2 tbsp


Water as required

Salt to taste


Method :


Take curds in a bowl add gram flour/kadale hittu.  Mix well without lumps to a smooth paste.

Take a pan, put 2 tsp oil, when it is hot, add mustard to splutter.  Add jeera, methi seeds, hing, red chillies, curry leaves when it is done, add grated ginger.

Slowly add gram flour, curds mixture and keep stirring.

Put red chilli powder and add 2 cups of water and cook in medium flame.

When the mixture start boiling add 2-3 cups water and cook well.  If necessary, you can add water to reach the required consistency.

Cook for 7-8 mins.  Add sugar, salt to taste and mix well.  Finally add finely chopped coriander leaves.

Now Kadi is ready to serve.  It is consumed with hot rice, chapati, roti, poori.  Also served as soup to sip.



Tips :

If you add more gram flour/chickpea powder kadi requires more water and quantity also increases viceversa. If you desire you can also add tempering at the end of Kadi preparation. Let curds be of 1-2 days old to give better taste.  Usually Gujarati Kadi is thin consistency but you can stop at your required consistency but not too thick.


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