Chutney is said to be one of the side dish for Dosa, Idli, Chapathi, Rice and many more. 

Chutney is prepared all over India.  Many varieties of chutney is prepared.  Chutney, chana chutney, groundnut chutney, mint chutney, coconut chutney, onion chutney, tomato chutney, chilli chutney and so on.

Kadlebele/chana chutney is one of the traditional side-dish of Karnataka.  It is commonly prepared in marriages, all functions, festivals, ceremonies etc.,

How to make Kadalebele Chutney/Chana Chutney ? Here it goes.  It is served as side dish for Dosa, Idli, Chapathi and also tastes good with hot rice with a dollop of ghee or groundnut oil.

Ingredients :

Kadalebele/Chana Dal3 tbsp
Uddinabele/Urad Dal1 ½  tbsp
Tamarindone big lemon size
Red chillies (Guntur & Byadagi)10-12
Green chillies3-4
Ginger½ inch
Hing/asafoetida     2 pinch
Grated coconut                    
(Dry coconut)
4 tsp
Curry leaves2-3 strands
Coriander leavesone fist full
Salt to taste 
For Tempering : 
Mustard        ½ tsp
Oil                                                     1-2 tsp
Red chilly1

Method :

Take ½ tsp oil in a pan.

Add kadlebele/chana, fry for 2-3 minutes.

Then add urad dhal and fry for 2 mins.

Now add red chillies (Guntur & Byadagi), green chillies, hing, ginger, grated coconut, curry leaves, combine and fry till golden brown.

Switch off the flame. Add coriander leaves and tamarind.  Mix well.  It helps to soften the tamarind for grinding.

Allow the mixture to cool.

Now transfer the fried items to a mixer jar, add salt, required water and grind to smooth paste.  Do not add more water.  Let chutney be grounded hard.

In a pan take 1 tsp oil, when it is hot add mustard seeds to splutter. Add 2-3 curry leaves and one red chilly. 

Transfer grounded kadlebele/chana chutney to a bowl. 

Add tempering to the chutney and mix. You can store in refrigerator for 3-4 days at this consistency.

Kadlebele/chana chutney goes well with hot rice, dosa, chapati, poori etc.,

You can add required water to your consistency while serving for dosa, chapati, poori

Tips :

Chillies can be adjusted as per your taste more or less. If you are using fresh coconut, frying is compulsory to lose its moisture and taste will be enhanced.  Add little water and grind to dough consistency. You can save chutney for 3-4 days in refrigerator. You can adjust water while serving.

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