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Jilebi/Jalebi is a popular sweet in India. It is made by deep frying maida batter in

circular shapes and soaked in sugar syrup. It is prepared commonly during Deepavali/Diwali and Ramzan.

Let us make this Deepavali/Diwali sweet by learning how to prepare Jilebi/Jalebi.

Ingredients : Jalebi/Jilebi

Step 1 : Prepare Batter

In a bowl put 1 cup maida, butter milk/curds, turmeric and mix well.

If necessary add little water and prepare little thick batter and keep for fermenting for 24hrs.

After 24 hrs of fermenting you can see bubbles on the top layer. Fold the batter well.

Add remaining 1 cup maida, cooking soda and mix well. Add little more water to prepare the batter, if necessary.

Consistency should be as thick as idli batter.

Take flat kadai for frying. Put oil and keep on medium flame.

Step 2 : Prepare Sugar Syrup

Meanwhile let us prepare sugar syrup.

Take 2 cups of sugar in a flat pan add 1cup water and keep on medium flame.

When sugar dissolves, keep in high-medium flame and wait till syrup becomes sticky consistency.

Add saffron strands and ghee to it.

Add lemon juice to avoid crystallisation and switch off the flame.

Step 3 : Prepare Instant Dispenser 

Take a ziplock cover or squeeze bottle. (There is specific designed cloth with a hole in the centre to drop Jalebi/Jilebi, as we do not usually have at home we use ziplock cover)

Fill the batter to it and cut open the one end of the cover. Do not make very big hole.

Start from small so that if you want little bigger hole you can make it.


Step 4 : Fry 

When the oil is hot enough for frying,

Squeeze the batter in circles about 3-4 or depending upon your pan size.

Fry in medium flame.

When it is crispy or nearly reaching golden brown remove from the oil.

Place on a kitchen towel to absorb extra oil.

Now dip Jalebi/Jilebi into sugar syrup for about 30 seconds and remove it afterwards.

IMG_20141001_152549   Jalebi frying   Jalebi   Jalebi

Step 5 : Serve hot Jalebi

  • Now Jalebi/Jilebi is ready to serve.
  • Serve hot Jalebi/Jilebi. It can be served when cool also.

jalebi prepared

Tips :

  • If you want Jalebi/Jilebi instantly you can add yeast and make.
  • But I prefer well fermented batter to get good Jalebi/Jilebi’s.
  • Taste also differs with fermented and instant.
  • Do not dip Jalebi/Jilebi too long in the sugar syrup.
  • You will come to know about the consistency of the batter once or twice of your trials.


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