Jackfruit/Halasinahannu is a seasonal fruit.  Many dishes are prepared using the fruit like Idli (Kadubu), Payasa, pakoda, Halwa, papad.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu is very good for health.  It is very rich in minerals, vitamins and even good fibre too.

Jackfruit seeds are indeed very rich in digestible starch, protein and minerals.  You can prepare various dishes from Jackfruit/Halasinahannu seeds.

Today let us learn how to prepare Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli.  It is very easy and tasty.

Ingredients :
Jackfruit/Halasinahannu         2 cups
Elaichi                                         3-4
Jaggery                                      1 cup
Grated Coconut                        1 cup
Rava Rice                                  1 cup
OR Raw Rice 2 cups

Method :

If you are using Raw Rice, wash and soak rice for 2-3 hrs, strain the water, put in a mixie jar and grind into rava.

Deseed Jackfruit/Halasinahannu and make into pieces.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

Take a mixie jar put Jackfruit/Halasinahannu pieces, jaggery, grated coconut and elaichi and grind into paste.  Do not add water as jaggery leaves water.  Add more or less jaggery depending upon the sweetness of Jackfruit/Halasinahannu or as per your taste.  If you want sweet Idlis add more jaggery.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli


Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

If you are using Idli Rava, wash and soak Idli Rava for 10 mins.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

Add the grounded Jackfruit/Halasinahannu paste and mix well.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

Keep for 10-20 mins to set.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

Take banana leaf, wash well, put it on tava for 1-2mins so dat leaves does not break.  Cut into rectangular pieces put a spoonfull of Idli batter and close all sides and steam for 20 mins.

If you do not have banana leaf you can use Idli cooker.

Keep Idli cooker on flame for 5 mins.  Take idli plate and put a spoonfull of batter on each mould.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

When the cooker is hot place the idli moulds and close the lid and cook/steam for 20 mins.
Remove the Idlis and allow to cool for 3-4 mins.
Now the  Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idlis are ready to serve.

Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli

You can have Jackfruit/Halasinahannu Idli a dallop of ghee, along with chutney, sambar.

Tips :
If Jackfruit/Halasinahannu is not sweet then you can add more jaggery or as per your taste.  As jaggery leaves water sometimes batter may be too thin then you can add spoonfull rava/semolina and mix well. Save Jackfruit/Halasinahannu seeds for more recipes.  Do not throw away.

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