Usually in Jackfruit season special recipes are prepared as the fruit is seasonal.

Jackfruit payasam, Idli, dosa, fritters etc are prepared and savoured.  For off-season pappad, fritters, chips etc., are prepared and stored.

Today let us see the procedure of preparing Jackfruit Fritters/Halasinahannina Mulka

Ingredients :

Jackfruit                                        10-12

Jaggery                                           ½ cup

Rice                                                  1 cup

Grated fresh coconut            3/4 cup

Ginger Powder                          ½ pinch

Elaichi/cardamom powder  ½ tsp

Salt                                                     ½ pinch

Oil for frying

Method :

Wash rice well and soak for 2-3 hrs.

Deseed jackfruit, wash well, cut into pieces and keep ready.

When rice is soaked well, remove excess water.

Grind jackfruit, jaggery, half portion grated coconut into smooth paste and transfer to a contianer.

Now grind soaked, soaked rice and remaining grated coconut into fine coarse paste.

Transfer the content to the same container to come out with mulka batter/paste.

Add salt, ginger powder, elaichi and mix well.  The batter consistency should not be too thin nor too thick, (Batter should be like medu vada consistency).  No water is required to prepare batter.

Keep oil for frying in high flame.  After 3-4 mins, drop a pinch of mulka batter into the oil, to check whether oil is ready, if it pops up oil is ready for frying.

Now bring down the flame to medium and start dropping the mulka batter by pinching in hand/using a spoon into pakoda size. (If you use a spoon you will not get round shape)Fry mulkas for 3-4 mins, often keep turning to enable fry all over equal.

When mulkas are golden brown remove from the oil to a kitchen towel or seiver.

Now halasinahannina mulka/jackfruit fritters are ready to serve.




Tips : If jackfruit is very sweet you can add less/just jaggery more as per your taste. If mulka batter is watery add a spoonful of rice powder to get correct consistency.  If the flame is very high while  frying mulkas turn golden brown early but not cooked well at the centre.  so have patience while cooking.

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