Gojju Avalakki

Gojju Avalakki


Ingredients :

Avalakki/puffed rice                   2 cup

Till / kari ellu                                  2 tsp

Tamarind Pulp                               ¾ cup

Jaggery                                             1 big lemon size

Rasam Powder                               2 tbsp

Dry coconut / kopra                   4 tsp

Salt to taste

For Tempering :

Chana / Bengal gram                    1 tbsp

Urad Dal                                            ½ tsp

Red chillies                                       2-3

Ground nut/peanut                      3 tsp

Mustard                                             ½ tsp

Turmeric                                            ½ tsp

Oil                                                        4-5 tsp

Curry leaves                                    7-8

Method :

Roast till in a pan.


In a mixie grind roasted til/ellu and avalakki to fine coarse powder.



In a container mix tamarind pulp, rasam powder, salt, jaggery.


In a pan take oil and temper with mustard seeds. When mustard seeds splutters add groundnut and fry for 1 or 2 mins. Now add chana, urad dal, turmeric, split red chillies, curry leaves.


Mix to tamarind masala mixture. You can taste the mixture as a whole. You can adjust the taste as per your requirement for salt and sweet.


Add grinded avalakki, dry coconut and mix.  There is no need to keep on flame.


Consistency should be as in the picture.


Close the lid and keep for 20-30 mins.

Now mix gently and your gojju avalakki should be in powder form.

Gojju Avalakki

Gojju Avalakki

Gojju Avalakki is ready to serve.

Tips :

There is no need to keep on flame after mixing all. Final Gojju Avalakki should be in powdered form, if you want you can make the tamarind pulp little watery to avoid powdered form. You can adjust the taste as per your requirement before mixing avalakki. After that you cannot add anything for taste.

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