Ellu Unde

Ellu Unde

Ingredients :

Ellu / Til                                          1 cup

Jaggery grated                              1 cup

Ghee                                                  2 tsp

Elaichi/cardamom                      1 tsp


Method :


Roast til/ellu untill it splutters. Allow it to cool.

IMG_20140703_172254 [1024x768]

Finely grate jaggery.

IMG_20140703_172304 [1024x768]

Dry grind Til and jaggery into fine coarse powder.

In a bowl put grounded til mixture, elaichi, ghee and mix well.

IMG_20140703_173144 [1024x768]

Take a spoonful mixture and make unde.

You can add more ghee if necessary.

IMG_20140703_173401 [1024x768]

Til unde is ready to eat. It can be consumed whenever you want to eat.

IMG_20140703_174357 [1024x768]

Til Unde are done in festivals, functions etc.,

IMG_20140703_174257 [1024x768]


Tips :

Til unde can be done both black and white til. I have used black til.

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