Cucumber/Southekai are low-caloried veggy contain many nutritional benefits, including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients. It contians 95% water content.  It also helps in digestion.

Dose is commonly made by using batter with different ingredients.  Today we shall learn how to prepare Cucumber/Southekai Dose, which is very easy and can be prepared instantly no need to ferment.

Ingredients :

Dosa rice                2 cup
Cucumber              1 medium sized
Salt to taste

Method :
Wash dosa rice and soak for about 4 hrs or overnight.
In the morning strain excess water soaked.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Take a medium sized Cucumber/Southekai, grate it.  No need to remove skin and seeds, if cucumber is tender.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

In a mixie jar put soaked rice and grated Cucumber/Southekai and grind into smooth paste.  Do not water at once as Cucumber/Southekai leaves water.  If necessary you can add water.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Transfer the batter into a bowl, add salt as per taste and mix well.  Now you can add water if necessary to make thin batter.   Batter should be thinner than regular dosa batter.
Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Place tava on medium flame and put a ladle full of batter, put oil and close the lid.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

After 2 mins turn dosa to allow cook on the other side.  You can smell heavenly (cucumber smell) while Cucumber/Southekai dosa is cooked.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Continue to make dosas from remaining batter.
Now Cucumber/Southekai dosas are ready to serve.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Consume Cucumber/Southekai dosa with a dallop of ghee, coconut chutney.

Cucumber/Southekai Dosa

Tips :
If your batter is too watery you can add little rice powder to get right consistency.  Do not forget to cover dosa and cook else dosa will have white patches but taste does not alter.  Dosas will be softer too.

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