Cucumber is widely known throughout the world.  It is consumed raw in salads, used in preparing many dishes too.

Cucumber contains 95% water and 16% calorie.  It acts as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous agent.  Cucumber peel and seeds are rich in nutrients.  That is why we consume without peeling the cucumber.  If the seeds are tender we can use them along with the attached pulp.  Today I am showing you such a recipe.  Instead of wasting the seeds we can consume to gain nutrients in it.  This recipe can be consumed with hot rice or dosa or chapati.

Following are the ingredients and method of easy recipe Cucumber pulp mix/Southekai Tirulu Hasi Gojju.

Ingredients :

Tender Cucumber seeds with pulp               1 cup

Grated Coconut                                             1 tsp

Green Chillies                                               2-3

Curry Leaves                                                 1 strand

Coriander leaves                                          3-4 strands

Jaggery                                                          ½ tsp grated

Tamarind pulp                                              ¾ tsp

Salt to taste

For tempering :

Ghee/oil                                                        ¼ tsp

Mustard seeds                                              1/5 tsp

Red chillies                                                    1


Method :

Put Cucumber Pulp, green chillies, jaggery, salt, tamaraind pulp, half portion of curry and coriander leaves in a mixie jar.

Cucumber Pulpmix-Southekai Tirulu Hasigojju

Cucumber Pulpmix-Southekai Tirulu Hasigojju

Grind in to coarse paste.  Do not add water, as cucumber pulp contains lots of water.

Cucumber Pulpmix-Southekai Tirulu Hasigojju

Transfer into a bowl.  Add finely chopped curry leaves, coriander leaves and mix well.

Take ghee/oil in a small pan to prepare tempering.  When ghee/oil is hot add mustard seeds to splutter and then add red chillies.

Bittergourd/Hagalkai Chutney


Add the temper to the cucumber mix and serve.

You can consume with Hot rice, dosa, chapati.

Cucumber Pulpmix-Southekai Tirulu Hasigojju


Tips :

Do not add water as it is cucumber contains water.  Your dish will be too watery.  You can add more chillies if you want more spicy.

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