Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa is a very famous dessert found throughout India. It can be prepared all through the year for any occasion, festivals, party etc.,

Carrot is a taproot vegetable very rich in nutrients and very good for eyes. It contains Vitamin A abundantly also Vitamin K, B6. Carrots are used both raw and cooked. It is used raw in salads and cooked carrots in almost all Indian dishes.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa is prepared in different methods. Traditional method, quick recipe by using condensed milk, adding khova/mawa and also using microwave. Out of which, following is one of its kind which is very tasty.

Ingredients :

Grated Carrot                                  2 cup

Thick Milk                                         1 cup

Sugar                                                  1 ½ cup or as reqd.

Khova                                                ½ cup (optional)

Cashew, badam & Raisins           8-10

Ghee                                                   3 tbsp

Elaichi/cardamom powder       ¼ tsp

Varq for garnishing (optional)

Method :

Melt ghee in a pan and fry cashew, badam and raisins till golden brown.

Jackfruit Payasam

Remove them in a separate bowl and keep aside.

In the same pan along with ghee, fry grated carrot till water in it dries.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Colour of the carrot changes when it is done.

Add thick milk to it.  You can also use regular milk and reduce to ¼ and add.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Scrape the milk solids and add to the mixture and fry.

Keep frying till it is thick and done.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Now add sugar to it and mix well.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

When sugar is added, carrot mixture becomes little watery, keep frying often.

Add remaining ghee and mix well.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

When the mixture thickens you can observe it comes to one lump or leave the sides.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

You will also observe carrot is transparent.

Finally add cardamom, khova and mix well.  Garnish with fried cashew and raisins. Finally with varq, I have not used here.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrot Halwa is ready to serve.

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

You can store upto 4-5 days. If refrigerated for about a week.

Give a try with vanilla ice cream as topping.


Tips :

When carrot is cooked in thick milk, khova is formed naturally. If you want added taste you can mix khova to it. If carrot tastes blanch you need to add more sugar. Use thick bottom pan or nonstick pan to avoid burning.

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