Onion Akki Rotti

Onion Akki Rotti

Ingredients :

Rice powder                                                2 cups

Jeera                                                               1 tbsp

Grated coconut                                          ½ cup optional

Onion                                                             2 nos. finely chopped

Green chillies                                              7-8

Ginger                                                            1 inch

Curry leaves                                                one fist full

Coriander leaves                                       one fist full

Mustard seeds                                            1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil as required

Method :

Take a mixie jar. Grind ginger, green chillies and coconut into coarse powder.

Wash curry leaves and coriander.  Finely chop and keep aside.

In a pan put 2 tsp oil, temper mustard seeds. Add finely chopped onion, curry leaves and fry for 2-3 mins.

IMG_20140628_064741 [1024x768]

In a mixing bowl put rice powder, coconut (optional), coriander leaves, jeera, salt, grounded mixture and fried onion mixture. Mix well.

IMG_20140628_064947 [1024x768]

Prepare the dough with warm water. Do not put water all at a time. Sprinkle water as and when required to make a clean dough.

IMG_20140628_065547 [1024x768]

Close the lid and keep for about 10-20 mts.

Divide the dough into equal parts of ball size.

Take a kadai or pan, put 1 tsp oil all around.

Take one part of the dough and spread with wet hands into thin layer in the kadai.

IMG_20140628_091451 [1024x768]

Turn the kadai on all sides to help cook well.

When rotti is done. Switch off the flame. Take a spoon, slowly remove rotti from the kadai.

IMG_20140628_093041 [1024x768]
Repeat the procedure with remaining dough. But always cool the kadai and prepare the next one otherwise you cannot spread rotti.

Serve hot with coconut/pudina chutney and ghee. It goes well with sweet curd.



Tips :

For better results make rotti in iron kadai. Also keep in mind kadai should be cooled before making next rotti. You can roast as per your requirement. If you want soft rotti remove as soon as it is done. Do not make the dough too thin. Rotti will not come properly.

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