Rava Vangibath

We have already learnt about Vangibath, as one of the most delicious rice item and very popular in Karnataka.

Today let us learn how to prepare Rava Vangibath. It is also prepared as breakfast and in festivals like Ugadi, Gowri-Ganesha, Vara Mahalakshmi, Deepavali. It is also prepared in functions, marriages, kitty party, get-together.

It is a spicy dish. It is very easy to prepare.

As already said, I usually keep ready masala powders in my kitchen, like Rasam powder, Sambar powder, Vanginath powder, Bisi Bele Bath Powder so that dishes can be prepared quickly.

Try out this recipe and give your feedback.  Also try out my other recipes Vangibath, Methi-peas bath, Capsicum bath, Cabbage Bath.


Ingredients :

Medium Rava                                                           2 cup

Tomato                                                                      ½ cup

Green chillies                                                           5-6 big

Vangibath Powder                                                 4-5 tbsp

Turmeric                                                                   ½ tsp

Tamarind Pulp or Lemon Juice                        3-4 tsp

Dry coconut                                                             3-4 tsp

Mustard                                                                     ½ tsp

Oil                                                                                4-5 tsp

Water                                                                         5 cups

Salt to taste

Any other vegetables which you would prefer say brinjal, capsicum, carrot

Method :

In a pan put oil, when it is hot put mustard seeds. When it splutters put turmeric and cut green chillies.

IMG_20140711_064547 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Add cut tomatoes and cook for 2-3 mins.

IMG_20140711_064812 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Now you can add any other vegetables of your choice and cook for 3-4 mins.

Add salt, tamarind pulp and vangibath powder and mix.

IMG_20140711_065420 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Add water to it and bring to boil.

When the water is boiling, lower the flame, slowly go on adding roasted rava while stirring continuously.

IMG_20140711_070431 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Cover the lid and lower the flame and allow to cook for 2-3 mins.

Now fold Rava Vangibath well and add dry coconut, curry leaves, close the lid and keep for another 2-3 mins.

IMG_20140711_072208 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Now Rava Vangibath is ready to serve.

It can be served along with tomato-onion raitha or any raithas. It can also be consumed without any side dish.

It goes well with any Kesaribath, which is commonly known as Chow Chow Bath.

Try out this easy spicy recipe and give your valuable comments and feed back.


Tips :

Rava should be well roasted to get perfect texture.  I always boil water in a separate bowl and add, so that my time saves while doing Rava Vangibath.





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