Poori is very popular recipe in India. It is prepared with Maida/all purpose flour and or wheat flour. It is a deep fried dish also called fried flat bread. It is eaten with Aloo Curry, Saagu, Bhaji, Korma, Chana Masala or Chutney. In North India it is eaten with Halwa, Shrikand, Mango Ras. It is eaten as breakfast, snack or along with the meal.

Ingredients :

Maida / all purpose flour                        2 cups

Wheat flour                                                  3 tsp

Oil for frying

Water as required

Salt to taste


Method :

In a bowl add maida, wheat flour, 2 tsp oil and salt and mix well.

Now add water as required to prepare the dough.

IMG_20140703_080342 [1024x768]

Close the lid and rest it for 20 mins.

Knead the dough well and make small size balls.

IMG_20140703_081816 [1024x768]

In a pan/kadai put oil for frying and heat in high flame.

Take a rolling board and rolling pin.

Take a dough ball, apply drop of oil on the board and roll on the board with rolling pin to make pooris.

IMG_20140703_081829 [1024x768]

Oil for frying should not be too hot nor too low, if it is too hot poori turns brown soon and if it is too low poori become saggy. To avoid this, try putting a piece of dough into oil if it comes up immediately oil is ready for frying.

Now put poori and press the sides with spatula to enable puffing.

IMG_20140703_085515 [1024x768]

Turn the poori and fry till golden poori.

IMG_20140703_084139 [1024x768]

Now Poori is ready to eat.

Serve hot poori with onion potato gravy and chutney.

IMG_20140703_084514 [1024x768]

IMG_20140703_084534 [1024x768]

Tips :

While rolling poori’s I do not prefer dusting flour as it settles in the oil and sticks to other pooris. Therefore, you can apply a drop of oil while rolling instead of flour.

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