Apple                                                                        6-7

Sugar                                                                         ½ cup

Badam & Pista                                                        8-10

Cinnamon powder                                                1 tsp

Vanilla extract (optional)                                 1 tsp

Ghee                                                                          2 tsp

Water                                                                        1 tbsp


Method :

Wash the apples, peel it, cut into small pieces.

Heat the ghee in a pan and add the cut apples to it.

Fry the apples for 4-5 minutes and keep on stirring often till they soften.

When they have become soft, add 1 tbsp water. Lower the heat and cook uncovered for 15-20 minutes.

When the apples start to thicken and merge, mash the cooked apples and keep on stirring so that the mixture does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

Now add the sugar. Sugar also depends upon the sweetness of the apples. You can add more sugar if necessary.

Add cinnamon powder to the halwa.

Continue to stir and cook the halwa till it becomes one lump and starts to pull away from the bottom of the pan.

Add vanilla to it.

Lower the flame to medium and keep on stirring.

When the mixture becomes thick and translucent, remove the pan from fire.

Now add chopped nuts and raisins and continue to cook for 2 minutes more.

Transfer the apple halwa into 1 inch thick layer on a greased plate. When halwa is little cool cut to the desired shapes.

Decorate with chopped almonds and pistas.

It can be stored in refrigerator for 3-4 days.


Tips :

Apples and cinnamon are made for each other.  Vanilla extract is optional if you do not like, you can avoid it.





Ingredients :

Godhi hittu / Wheat Flour         4 cups

Sugar                                                  3 cups

Ghee                                                   3-4 cups

Grated dry coconut                     1 cup (optional)

Elaichi/cardamom                       2 tsp

Cashew & Raisins                           1 cup (cut cashew)

Method :

Take 1 cup ghee in a pan. When it is little hot put cashew and fry till it is golden brown.


Now put raisins and fry till it is swelled.


Remove fried cashew and raisins in a plate and keep aside.

In the same pan, with remaining ghee, fry wheat flour till it is golden brown.


Add 1 cup ghee and continue frying for 2 mins or till you get a nice aroma  or texture looks like wet sand. or texture looks like wet sand.


Remove from the flame and allow to cool.

In a mixie jar make sugar powder.

When wheat flour is little warm, add sugar powder, elaichi, grated dry coconut (optional) and fried cashew raisins and mix well.


Add 1 cup melted ghee and mix well. For better results mix the mixture with hands rubbing briskly.


Now make small balls or unde with the help of your hand.

You can add more ghee to make balls or unde.


Now wheat laddu is ready to serve.

You can have this any time and suitable for all age group.

You can prepare wheat laddu for festivals also.

IMG_20140603_090954 IMG_20140603_091032


Tips : To avoid burning at the bottom you can use nonstick pan. You can adjust sugar more or less as per your taste. While adding sugar wheat flour should be luke warm if it is too hot it becomes too watery and laddu will not come properly.





Ingredients :

Rice powder                                                2 cups

Menthya soppu / methi leaves           2 cups chopped

Jeera                                                              1 tbsp

Green chillies                                             7-8

Ginger                                                           1 inch

Curry leaves                                               one fist full

Coriander leaves                                      one fist full

Mustard seeds                                            1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil as required


Method :

Wash methi leaves and finely chop and keep aside.


Take a mixie jar. Grind ginger, green chillies, curry leaves, coriander leaves into coarse powder.

In a small pan, temper mustard seeds with 2 tsp oil

In a mixing bowl put rice powder, finely chopped methi leaves, jeera, salt, grounded mixture and tempered mustard and mix well.


Prepare the dough with warm water. Do not put water all at a time. Sprinkle water as and when required to make a clean dough.


Close the lid and keep for about 10-20 mts.
Divide the dough into equal parts of ball size.


Take a kadai or pan, put 1 tsp oil all around.

Take one part of the dough and spread with wet hands into thin layer in the kadai.


Put 1tsp oil around the rotti, close the lid and cook on medium flame.

Turn the kadai on all sides to help cook well. Nice aroma comes when methi rotti is cooked.

When rotti is done. Switch off the flame. Take a spoon, slowly remove rotti from the kadai.



Serve hot with coconut chutney and ghee.

Repeat the procedure with remaining dough. But always cool the kadai and prepare the next one otherwise you cannot spread rotti.


Tips :

For better results make rotti in iron kadai.

Also keep in mind kadai should be cooled before making next rotti.

You can roast as per your requirement. If you do not want roasted rotti remove as soon as it is done.

Do not make the dough too thin. Rotti will not come properly.



Ingredients :

Byadagi Red Chillies                      10-12

Guntur Red Chillies                        10-12

Dhaniya (coriander)                      ¼ cup

Jeera                                                    1 tbsp

Pepper                                                1 tsp

Mustard seeds                                 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds (methi)            1 tsp

Hing (asafoetida)                           one pinch

Curry leaves                                    15-20



Method :

Roast red chillies till it is crispy.

Roast jeera, pepper, mustard and methi seeds one by one separately in medium flame till it is golden brown or you hear crack sound and nice aroma is smelled.

Roast asafoetida till it is golden brown.

Wash curry leaves and pat dry with a cloth and roast till it is crispy.

Mix all the roasted ingredients well. Allow it to cool.


Grind the mixture into a fine powder.

Rasam powder is ready for use.


Rasam powder is used not only for preparing rasam or saaru.

It is said to be basic masala for many preparations.

Tips :

Don’t let any ingredient to burn.  I have used two types of red chillies so that your rasam powder will have a nice colour and taste. You can use any Red chillies in total, of your choice.

If you want to prepare rasam powder in large quantity and store in an air-tight container for longer use, here are the ingredients.

Byadagi Red Chillies          125 gms

Guntur Red Chillies            125 gms

Coriander seeds(dhaniya)  250 gms

Jeera                                       100 gms

Pepper                                   75 gms

Mustard seeds                      50 gms

Fenugreek seeds (methi)    50 gms

Hing (asafoetida)                 10 gms

Curry Leaves                        one bunch





Ingredients :

Byadagi Red Chillies          8-10

Guntur Red Chillies            8-10

Chana Dal                              ½ cup

Urad Dhal                              ¼ cup

Hing (asafoetida)                 ½ tbsp

Curry Leaves                        15-20

Tamarind                               one lemon size

Sugar                                      1 tbsp

Grated dry coconut (kopra) ½ cup

Salt to taste

Method :

Roast red chillies till it is crispy.

Roast chana dal, urad dal and asafoetida till it is golden brown.

Wash curry leaves and pat dry with a cloth and roast till it is crispy.

Clean tamarind and make into small pieces.

Mix all the roasted ingredients well. Put tamarind pieces in it to soften it for grinding.

Allow it to cool.

Add sugar, dry coconut, salt to taste and mix well.

Grind the mixture into a medium coarse powder.

Chutney Powder is ready to use.



You can have chutney powder with hot rice and ghee, dosa, idli, chapathi, curd rice.

Tips :

Don’t let any ingredient to burn.  I have used two types of red chillies so that your chutney powder will have a nice colour and taste.  You can use any Red chillies in total of your choice.  If you want more spicy you can add more chillies.




Take soft paneer add 1/2 tsp corn flour and mix well.  (home made paneer will be soft n rasmalai comes out very well)



Now make into small balls gently press in the centre.


Put 1 cup sugar and 4 cups of water and bring to boil.




Put paneer into it and cook for 20-25mins on high flame. Simmer the flame n cook for 5-10 mins.


At any point of time water should not turn into syrup, water can be added as and when it thickens.

You can see the paneer balls absorb sugar syrup and size increases.


Turn off the flame and allow to cool for a while.

In a separate pan boil milk bring it to 40%



Now add sugar and stir.


When it is done add finely chopped pistas, badam and allow to cool.

Now put paneer into the milk and leave it for 20 mins.


Keep in the refrigerator for abt 20 mins and serve.