Jhat Pat

Jhat Pat

Jhat Pat is one of the best and easy snack appropriate for evenings. It is prepared from Maida.

Today it is drizzling and my hubby and children wanted something to eat hot and crunchy with tea that too home made!! Immediately, I thought to prepare Jhat Pat which is easy and tasty snack. It came out well and everybody liked it. So I am sharing this with you all.

Everybody give a try, as it is prepared with the available ingredients at home.

Ingredients :

Maida / all purpose flour              2 cups

Moong dal                                         3 tsp (soaked for about 30 mins)

Chilli Powder                                   4 tsp

Oil for frying

Water as required

Salt to taste


Method :

In a bowl add maida, soaked moong dhal, chilli powder, 2 tsp oil and salt and mix well.

Now add water as required to prepare the dough.

IMG_20140707_182528 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Close the lid and rest it for 20 mins.

Divide the dough into big size balls.

In a pan/kadai put oil for frying and heat in high flame.

Take a rolling board and rolling pin.

Take a dough ball, dust flour on the board and roll the dough into thick circle.

IMG_20140707_183523 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Cut the dough into your required shapes.

IMG_20140707_183621 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Oil for frying should not be too hot nor too low, if it is too hot Jhat Pat turns brown soon and if it is too low it will become saggy. To avoid this, try putting a piece of dough into oil if it comes up immediately oil is ready for frying.

Now put the cut pieces into the oil and fry until it is golden brown.

IMG_20140707_182607 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>When it is done remove from the oil and put on kitchen towel to remove excess oil.

IMG_20140707_182558 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Now Jhat Pat is ready to eat. You can store in an air tight container and eat for about 4-5 days.

IMG_20140707_193258 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Enjoy preparing Jhat Pat and give the feed back.



Tips :

Jhat pat has a special taste as you will get moong dal in between while eating.

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