Bitter Gourd, as the name itself says it is bitter in taste. Outer flesh is tough. It is very good for health. It is used for variety of ailments like stomach complaints, relieve diabetes, laxative, anthelmintic, emetic, treatment of cough, respiratory, skin diseases, ulcer, rheumatism, gout. As it tastes bitter, while making recipes right proportion of salt, sour, sweet, spice to be added. It is a low calorie vegetable and has many nutritional values.

Bitter Gourd is called as Hagalakai in Kannada, Karela in Hindi, Kakarakaya in Telugu, Pagarkkai in Tamil, Pavayka in Malayalam.

Most famous recipes like stuffed karela, Bitter Gourd Curry, Stir-fry and many more. Pickle made by Bitter Gourd is also very tasty.

Today let us learn to make Gojju/Curry which can be consumed with food, rice, chapatti, dosa.

Ingredients :

Hagalakayi/Bitter Gourd   2-3

Green chillies                      3-4

Tamarind pulp                    ½ cup

Gojju Powder                       2-3 tbsp

Rasam Powder                     ½ tbsp

Jaggery                                  1 big lemon size or as per taste

Til / Ellu                                 1 tbsp

Chana Dal                              1 ½ tbsp

Urad Dal                                ¾ tbsp

Turmeric                               1 pinch

Curry leaves                        5-6

Coriander leaves               5-6 strands

Oil                                            3-4 tsp

Mustard Seeds                    ½ tsp

Salt to taste


Method :

Wash Bitter Gourd and deseed it.


Finely chop or grate Bitter Gourd.

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Pressure cook for one whistle without any water.

In a pan dry roast til, chana dal, urad dal.

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Dry grind into fine powder and keep aside.

IMG_20140915_191818 <div class="hrecipe jetpack-recipe"><div class="jetpack-recipe-content"></div></div>Heat oil in a pan.

Put mustard to splutter.

Add split green chillies and turmeric.

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Add pressure cooked Bitter Gourd, curry leaves and fry for 3-4 mins.

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Cover the lid and cook.

Add tamarind pulp, salt, Gojju Powder, Rasam Powder, jaggery and cook well.

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Add coriander stalks and mix well.

When Bitter Gourd gojju is cooked well add grounded powder to it and mix well.

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Now Bitter Gourd gojju is ready to eat.

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You can store for 2-3 days and if refrigerated lasts upto 4-5 days.

Tips :                                                                                                                               

Bitterness can be removed by adding salt, keep for sometime and squeeze the water content. I like to taste by its nature. If you find gojju too thick you can add little water while adding tamarind pulp. Do not add water in later stages. Instead of pressure cooking Bitter Gourd, you can directly fry in oil and continue the procedure. It takes more time for Bitter Gourd to become soft. You can adjust taste with jaggery as you like.

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