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Chakkuli/Chakli is one of the most famous authentic traditional fried snack/food item of South India. It is prepared by using Rice and Urad Dal. Chakkuli/Chakli is prepared in many varieties and with different ingredients. Instant Chakkuli/Chakli is also famous for time saver. But naturally, taste always differs with instant and traditional way of preparing Chakkuli/Chakli.

Today I am showing the very traditional way of preparing Chakkuli/Chakli Hittu/powder.   Though it looks time consuming and tedious for many people, I am sure once you try this out you will never look back for other varieties. You can try out instant Chakkuli/Chakli recipe also.

You can prepare the Chakkuli/Chakli hittu or Chakkuli/Chakli flour and store in a container and fry Chakkuli/Chakli whenever necessary.   Add salt and you can store for more than a year.  As Chakkuli/Chakli flour is older Chakkuli/Chakli comes out very well and taste increases.

Ingredients :

Rice                                                                4 cups

Urad Dhal                                                    1 cup

Sabudana/sabbakki                                ¼ cup


Method :

Wash rice well and drain the water and keep for about 20 mins.

Spread the washed and drained rice on a kitchen towel or cloth in a cool place, for about 5-6 hours or overnight. Do not dry in hot sun.

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Dry roast Urad Dal and Sabudana separately on medium flame till it is golden brown. Do not burn. Taste will alter.

Check the Rice is dried well. It should not be wet otherwise stored Chakkuli/Chakli hittu will be spoilt. Also Chakkuli will not be crispy.

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Mix rice, roasted urad dal, sabudana and grind into fine powder. You can make powder in a flour mill to get fine powder.

Now Chakkuli/Chakli hittu or Chakkuli/Chakli flour is ready.

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You can prepare the dough and fry Chakkuli/Chakli.

Chakkuli/Chakli hittu/powder should be cooled and stored in a container and fry Chakkuli/Chakli whenever you want to eat.

You can add salt and store so that Chakkuli/Chakli hittu is not spoiled.


Tips :

Rice should not be soaked. Just wash and spread in a cool place to get dried. Take care while frying urad dal and sabudana which makes Chakkuli/Chakli tastier. If it is over fried or not well fried Chakkuli/Chakli will not be crunchy, tasty and alters the taste.


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