Banana Kesaribath

Banana Kesaribath

Kesaribath is one of the traditional South Indian sweet dish which is prepared with Rava/sooji. The name in it says Kesari-bath, Kesari is the main item which gives special flavor and colour. Kesari/saffron is the dried stigma of the flower of saffron crocus and is the world’s most expensive spice. Commonly artificial colour is used to prepare Kesaribath.

Kesaribath is commonly prepared for many occasions. It is prepared on festivals and also for Naivedya, especially on Sathyanarayana Pooja Day. It is also prepared on auspicious days while performing upavasa, for breakfast along with Rava Upma, Rava Vangibath.

Today let us learn how to prepare Banana Kesaribath but without any artificial colour.


Ingredients :

Chiroti Rava/soji                            1 cup

Ripe Banana (Big)                           1

Milk                                                    ½ cup

Sugar                                                   1 cup

Water                                                  3 ½ cups

Cloves                                                5-6

Cashew & Raisins                           8-10

Ghee                                                   1 cup

Elaichi/cardamom powder       ¼ tsp


Method :

Melt 1 tsp ghee in a pan and fry cashew and raisins till golden brown.

Remove them in a separate bowl and keep aside.

In the same pan along with ghee, fry chiroti rava until it is golden brown.

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In a pan put 1 cup water and 1 cup milk and bring to boil.

Squeeze banana and add to it. Add 2 tsp ghee and sugar and bring to boil.

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When milk is boiling, lower the flame, add roasted chiroti rava keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps. (If any lumps are formed, you can break them with the back of the stirring spoon but this should be done immediately)

Close the lid and cook for 2 mins.

Add 2 tsp ghee and fold once and keep for 2 mins in low flame.

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Now add remaining ghee, cardamom and roasted cashew raisins and mix well.

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Banana Kesaribath is ready to serve.

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It is consumed along with Upma, Rava Vangibath. Along with Upma it is called Chow Chow Bath.




Tips :

You can add more ghee as per your requirement. Adding more ghee makes Banana Kesaribath fluffier and extra rich.

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